Rehab Options Injury Management

Rehab Options Injury Management offers a number of, in many ways unique and specialised, services to industries across the board. The service outcomes you can expect from employing us are:

Save money as workers' compensation premiums will be reduced

Reduce the incidence of injury

Reduce the number of Lost Time Injuries LTI's. Improve your LTIFR. 

Have workers returned to work in a safe and time efficient manner

Streamline your time and resources so as to run your business more efficiently

Minimise personal responsibilities whilst ensuring injured workers receive professional and comprehensive rehabilitation

Understand that the cost of our service is far less than the benefits and considerable cost savings.

To find out more about how Rehab Options Injury Management can cut premium costs to your business, follow the links below.

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How We Reduce Costs

Reducing the cost of claims, your premium renewal, and positively adjusted premium levels

Reducing the costs associated with a workplace injury has many levels or stages of action requir...

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Our Team

Steve Stephens
Operations Risk and Strategy/Engaged Return to Work Coordinator Steve founded the company in 1989 and is passionate about delivering service and results that clients and workers would have previously not considered possi...

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