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Factory Worker

The Challenge

A worker left the employee of one of our clients and had not fully recovered from a workplace injury. The employer and the insurer had not maintained contact with the previously injured worker. The insurer had estimates for wages and medicals coming into the employer's premium renewal, which was capped at $150,000.00. The employer contacted us and asked for our assistance.

The Process

The employer engaged our services as there Return To Work Coordinators. We familiarised ourself with the details of the claim and requested the insurer update us on the present status.

It became clear that the insurer had not realised the worker was now fully employed elsewhere and had been for some time. Therefore there was no need to calculate and allow for past or future wages or medical treatment. The matter was reconciled and closed after minimal contact with the worker and treating Doctors. The estimate and cost of claims was significantly reduced.

The Result

The total cost of claim was reduced to $36,467.00. A saving of $110,342.00 on the cost of that claim.

What the client say's

I have been trying to get someone to listen to my concerns about that claim and the considerable costs assigned to it without success. I should have got you in a long time ago. Matters like this have cost me dearly over the years. People don't realise that a service like yours exists.

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