Claims Management

Rehab Options Injury Management specialise in claims management. Claims can be actively managed and monitored for both employers and self insurers. Aspects covered include:

  • Assessment of injured employee and insurers, completion of initial documentation
  • Research and document details leading up to the injury(s)
  • Provide comprehensive assistance to employee and employers to ensure returned to work in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Completion of WorkCover documentation (where relevant)
  • Time Loss/Medical expenses reimbursements from the insurer if considered appropriate and necessary.
  • Conducting periodical claim reviews with employer and their insurer
  • Assistance and Management of alleged fraudulent claims
  • Undertake (in accordance with Insurers) appropriate investigations relating to fraudulent claims
  • Factual, Physical and Photographic evidence (if required)
  • Ensuring correct estimates, where applicable, and premiums are applied to each claim.

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