Ergonomic Assessments and Task Analysis

Rehab Options Injury Management can help you prevent workplace injuries by providing your company with Ergonomic Assessments and Task Analysis. These can also be utilised to create for you effective Safe Work Method Statements.

Ergonomic Assessments benefit the worker by ensuring that they have correct posture to prevent injuries, by ensuring that the workstation is correctly arranged in terms of the individual physical requirements.

With the Task Analysis, we visit the workplace to assess the workers performing their duties and prepare a comprehensive report. The report can be presented to doctors to outline suitable duties or to provide the company with advice on how to perform the duties to prevent potential injuries.

The tasks are assessed as to form and function, photographed and with the information gathered, an analysis of the work and the possible risks are produced. The task analysis can also assess the capacity of potential employees, to perform the duties required.

Both the Task Analysis and the Ergonomic assessment can assist companies to organise their work sites with occupational health, safety and injury prevention objectives in mind.

Companies like Dimeo Cleaning Services, DJD Brick & Blocklayying and Brtghton Ceiling, being only a few of our valued clients have used our skills in the past and benefited from the above services in keeping Workers Compensation Premiums at a minimum.

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