Work Conditioning

Rehab Options Provider Services Pty Ltd / Rehab Options Work Conditioning Pty Ltd

Our clients are aware of how the pro active, hands-on claims and injury management by Rehab Options Injury Management  (ROIM) has significantly reduced cost of claims and LTI's. The flow on being significantly reduced Worker Compensation renewal and adjustment premiums.

Our interaction in this management/coordination process clearly identified the need for a work conditioning service that was as focused on results as ROIM and our valued clients. All key players, including our clients are well aware of the professionalism, quality and results delivered by our exercise physiologists (EP's). We then committed the EP's skills to enhance or contribute to conditioning being undertaken on a number of matters. The end result was outstanding.

Cases where conditioning was approved but the results were not forthcoming were instantly improved and outcomes as per the medical expectations were achieved in real time.

Rehab Options Work Conditioning is now available to supply services on referral. We consider that the same mission, vision and results based strategies that have made ROIM an industry leader will deliver results to any matter requiring work conditioning to reach pre injury status and maximum medical improvement.

The services offered include the following:

· Injury Rehabilitation - (evidence based)

· Work Conditioning Intervention - On site, gym or home based

· Case Conferencing

· Functional Assessments

· Workplace Assessments

· Hydrotherapy

Please visit our Work Conditioning website for further details

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